Please read the following agreement. You must accept the terms and conditions of this agreement before continuing with Cx360 Provider.

The following terms and conditions apply to the Client’s use of an online servicing platform provided by Core Solutions Inc. (CORE) to facilitate Cx360 Provider capabilities and features as CORE may from time to time offer (“Online Services Platform”).

CORE grants the Client the non-exclusive, non-transferable right to use this Online Services Platform in accordance with these terms and conditions (“Terms and Conditions”) while its policies with CORE (“Policies”) are in effect. The Client is responsible, notwithstanding any delegation of duties to any broker or third party vendor designated by Client, for performing all functions offered by the Online Services Platform in order to administer its Policies, including but not limited to the following:

CORE is relieved of any duties imposed upon it under other terms of the Policies to the extent those duties can be performed by the Client using the Online Services Platform. This Online Services Platform may be used only to administer coverage under the Policies. CORE does not encourage or make special provisions for use of this Online Services Platform by third parties designated by the Client. In the event that the Client shares its access with a third party, the following terms apply:

  • 1) The Client shall retain ultimate responsibility for all duties and obligations under these Terms and Conditions. Any third party shall be subject to such duties and obligations. The Client shall be responsible for monitoring and overseeing the performance of any third party. The Client agrees to indemnify CORE for any breach by a third party of such duties and obligations.
  • 2) CORE shall have no obligations to any third party, nor any liability for the online services performed by any third party.

This Online Services Platform must not be used in any manner not expressly allowed by these Terms and Conditions. Client agrees that it will not permit authorized users to share passwords with any other person, including such user’s administrative support staff. Client is fully and solely responsible for all activities performed under the security administrator User ID(s) and Password(s) issued to Client, and under the User IDs and Passwords of other users to whom Client delegates access. CORE is entitled to rely on all activities utilizing the security administrator User ID(s) and Passwords(s) until notified in writing by the Client to the contrary. Client is fully and solely responsible for adding and deleting access for employees and agents as they change employment responsibilities.

CORE will provide basic technical assistance via telephone and electronic mail during regular business hours. The Client shall be responsible for all Internet service provider charges, and all related long distance charges, if any.

CORE shall not be required to provide software or systems support not expressly provided for herein.

CORE shall have no liability whatsoever with respect to the Client’s use of this Online Services Platform, and makes no representations or warranties with respect to it. CORE is not responsible for mistakes made by the Client with respect to the use of this online service. The Client shall indemnify, protect, and hold CORE harmless from any loss, liability, class, or expense, including but not limited attorney’s fees, court costs, and litigation expenses, arising out of any act or omission of the Client in connection with the use of this Online Services Platform. Use of this Online Services Platform will terminate immediately upon misuse by the Client or may terminate, in the sole discretion of CORE, upon discontinuation of the Online Services Platform.

Client agrees to the above terms and conditions in exchange for permission to use this Online Services Platform.

Also refer to CORE's Legal Disclaimer and Privacy Statement.